Set model 152091 Verosoft

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Vintage big juchta leather purse P27 + Vintage leather pendant shank P42 This set includes leather purse P27 with leather pendant P42. Compose your dream set. The pendant is a characteristic and fashionable accessory made of natural leather. It will emphasize your individual style. You can also use it as a key ring or in any other way you like. It can be attached in two ways, with a lanyard and a metal ring. Vintage postbag is a bag very popular and sought after by women. It is a "must-have". Classic look and perfect workmanship with durable and solid juchta leather are its advantages. In addition, the bag is roomy, comfortable and, above all, functional thanks to specially designed internal pockets and compartments, which can accommodate small items so necessary for every woman. Ideal for work, university, a walk or a date. Letterman bag will emphasize your personality and will distinguish you from the crowd.
Dimensions of the hook_ 13,5 cm x 3 cm.
Strap length is 130 cm
Bag weight_ 0,7 kg

Weight of the shank_ 0.03 kg
Width 27 cm
Bottom width 12 cm
Height 23 cm