Swimsuit two piece model 114139 Marko

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Lovely, very feminine, two-piece swimsuit in peas, in colors like from a fruit sorbet. The bra with a halter neckline a'la Marilyn Monroe, padded and with side whalebones, perfectly gathers the breasts, shapes them and beautifully presents the cleavage. The design is charming, feminine, delicate, yet with character. The straps are tied up at the neck, the circuit is fastened on the back with a buckle. The panties perfectly fit the bra, tied at the sides with bows, in juicy colour. Wonderfully decorate hips, give a lot of comfort, because they have a nice, hip cut. Ideal swimsuit for a woman who just wants to look great on the beach.
Costume features_

- two-piece swimsuit with peas, in a sweet colour
- cute, sensual, mega feminine
- padded bra, with side underwire and built-in permanent push up filling (in sizes S, M, L, XL, 2XL/L)
- creates a lovely, feminine halter neckline a'la Marilyn Monroe
- lifts, brings breasts closer together and optically enlarges them
- straps tied at the neck
- girth with buckle
- panties tied at the sides with bows
- high quality Italian fabric
- latest collection Summer 2018
- Size 2XL/L means a set where the top of the swimsuit is size 2XL and the bottom of the swimsuit is size L.
Spandex 20 %
polyamide 80 %
Size Hips Underbust Chest Bottom size
L 98 cm 74-79 cm 87-89 cm L
M 94 cm 71-76 cm 84-86 cm M
S 90 cm 68-73 cm 81-83 cm S
XL 102 cm 77-82 cm 90-91 cm XL
XXL/L 98 cm 80-85 cm 92-93 cm L