Swimsuit two piece model 128495 Marko

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Stylish swimsuit in which you will present yourself beautifully on the beach. The bra with triangle cups padded with special foam, enriched with push-up, thanks to which the breasts will be lifted and optically enlarged, creating a sensual, deep cleavage. Push-up is permanently placed in the swimsuit and is not removable from the model, it comes in every size of the swimsuit. The bra also attracts attention with a fashionable addition in the form of "rubber straps" placed at the neckline. Nice shoulder straps tied at the neck, decorated with a delicate jewelry ornament (it may be removed), will look attractive in the sunlight. The panties have a perfect "midi" cut with a centered height. They are patterned and decoratively tied on the side (classic, slip-on cut).
Spandex 20 %
polyamide 80 %
Size Hips Underbust Chest
L 96 cm 72-77 cm 88-90 cm
M 92 cm 69-74 cm 85-87 cm
S 88 cm 66-71 cm 82-84 cm
XL 100 cm 75-80 cm 91-92 cm