Swimsuit two piece model 129686 Marko

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A complete novelty! A three-piece swimsuit with a bra, which resembles a sensual lingerie half-corset. Plus two pairs of patterned panties. What is this swimsuit like? It is femininity and comfort in a sexy frame. The bra has padded, profiled cups, enriched with whalebones and push-up, thanks to which it lifts the breasts, brings them closer to each other and enlarges them greatly, creating a deep, tempting cleavage. Push-up comes in all sizes and is not removable from the swimsuit. There are elastic straps on the sides of the bra for added character. Circuit elasticized, fastened on the back with a buckle. Additionally the bikini bottom and shorts are tied up at the sides in a tempting sporty style. This is a phenomenal set worth ordering. Beautiful colors. Excellent quality (the swimsuit is made of Italian fabric).
Spandex 20 %
polyamide 80 %
Size Hips Underbust Chest
L 98 cm 75-80 cm 89-91 cm
M 94 cm 75-80 cm 86-88 cm
S 90 cm 70-75 cm 83-85 cm
XL 102 cm 80-85 cm 92-93 cm